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Design your own Film

Any design requirement can be categorized as – A One-time Prototyping design film or a Mass Production quantity-based design film.

"We believe that the greatest value a customer can derive from a product is with the help of its design esthetics." - Aakash Sheth, Founder.

For this reason, each design serves an idea and incorporating the look and feel of that idea on the product through Water Transfer Printing is what specialize in. We offer various solutions to get a designed film prepared in the shortest possible amount of time and in the best possible quality. Following are the steps involved in Designing on your WTP films.

  1. One-time Prototyping film.

  2. Mass Production quantity based films.

Design your own Film: About

One-Time Prototyping Films

Design your own Film: Text

This option is suitable for those customers who are working on a project for personal/small scale application, mainly prototyping.
Size of Film – Width: 20 inches only, length: min 20 inches to a maximum length of any size.
Format of Artwork – PDF format only with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.
Lead Time – 3 working days.
Cost – Starts with Rs. 3 per square inch and varies depending on the artwork and product for dipping. For more details call us on 9372396653.

Design your own Film: Video

Mass Production Quantity based films

Design your own Film: Text

This option is suitable for OEMs, Corporates and Clients looking to develop a WTP Film for printing on their products in high quantity. It caters to mainly the Household/Lifestyle industry and the Automotive industry.

  • Size of Film – Width: 19 inches, length: min 250 meters.

  • Format of Artwork – PDF, JPG, CDR format with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. The design must have a repeat set at 440mm or 500mm only for a continuous design on the film.

  • Lead Time – 7 working days.

  • Cost – Depending on the number of colours, each colour's mould cost ranges from Rs. 9,500 to Rs. 12,000. For e.g. in a 2 colours job, cost is Rs. 9,500* x 2 and so on. Post mould development, the film has to be purchased separately at regular commercial rates. For more details call us at 9320670232.

Design your own Film: Video
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