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High Quality Steel Equipment

A good machine always delivers the most optimum output in the best possible quality. Here is our range of Equipment for the Water Transfer Printing application :

  • SS manual Dipping Tanks

  • MS Wash booth

  • Automatic Dipping Arm (Free size)

  • Full Automatic Dipping & Washing Unit

High Quality Steel Equipment: Text

Stainless Steel Manual Dipping Tanks

We deal in 3 sizes of Manual Dipping tanks and here are their sizes followed by specifications:

—> WTP SS Tank: 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft (LxBxH) 

—> WTP SS Tank: 5 ft x 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft (LxBxH)

—> WTP SS Tank: 7 ft x 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft (LxBxH)

Build quality and material details:

  • 304 grade and 2mm thickness Stainless Tank with 4 wheel trolley stand.

  • Extremely Sturdy and Durable.

  • Control Panel with Timer Toggle, Heater Toggle, Water Pump Toggle and Temperature reading.

  • 3 aluminum partitions that give the flexibility to dip any size of product.

  • 4-6” extra scavenging area with a separate mesh filter.

  • Single Phase system hence, just plug n play tank, no hassle; Ready to use!

Check out the working video

High Quality Steel Equipment: Products

Mild Steel Wash Booth

A wash booth is only used to wash the product after dipping. The product is very slimy and sticky post dipping which can only be removed with the pressure of flowing water. Here are the features of our wash booth:

  • Made of sturdy MS material which is powder coated to avoid rusting. 

  • Available in only 1 universal size of 5ft x 3ft x 2.5ft (LxBxH).

  • 24 high quality showers.

  • 1HP Crompton Motor for recirculation of water to avoid water wastage.

  • Filter installed to block residue while recirculation.

  • Wire mesh stand to place the product under the showers.

  • 2ft stand with 4 legs.

  • PVC see-thru curtain to see the products inside the booth.

Check out the working video.

High Quality Steel Equipment: Products

Automatic Dipping Arm

Our automatic dipping arm is available in a Free Size which means it can be installed on any Dipping Tank of ours and can be used for products of all sizes ranging from 3.5ft all the way to 8ft.

The automatic dipping arm is most useful under following circumstances :

  • Dipping mass production items

  • Dipping heavy items

  • Dipping items of irregular size and length.

It is made of MS which is powder coated for long life and appealing appearance.

Check out the working video.

High Quality Steel Equipment: Products

Full Automatic Dipping and Washing unit

This is a revolutionary machine for WTP that ensures a very high mass production output for items mainly from the automotive and household sector. It is only suitable for items light in weight and smaller than 2 feet in size.
Here are the features:

  • Stainless Steel structure built of 316 grade.

  • Approxmate length of the both units is 15 feet and width is 4 feet.

  • Requires 3 phase power supply with approximate power of 9HP.

  • 15KW heaters installed to maintain water temperature.

  • Film speed is adjustable on water.

  • Water pressure is adjustable in washing chamber.

Check out the working video.

High Quality Steel Equipment: Products
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